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  • Deadly gun attack in eastern Ukraine shakes fragile Geneva accord

    A pro-Russia protester warms himself by the fire on a barricade outside a regional government building in DonetskBy Aleksandar Vasovic and Alissa de Carbonnel SLAVIANSK/YENAKIEVO, Ukraine (Reuters) - At least three people were killed in a gunfight in the early hours of Sunday near a Ukrainian city controlled by pro-Russian separatists, shaking an already fragile international accord that was designed to avert a wider conflict. The incident triggered a war of words between Moscow and Ukraine's Western-backed government, with each questioning the other's compliance with the agreement, brokered last week in Geneva, to end a crisis that has made Russia's ties with the West more fraught than at any time since the Cold War. The separatists said armed men from Ukraine's Right Sector nationalist group had attacked them. Failure of the Geneva agreement could bring more bloodshed in eastern Ukraine, but may also prompt the United States to impose tougher sanctions on the Kremlin - with far-reaching consequences for many economies and importers of Russian energy.

  • Putin playing the long game over Russian kin in Ukraine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in a live broadcast nationwide phone-in in MoscowBy Christian Lowe MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's decision last week to sign a peace accord on Ukraine does not mean that the Kremlin is backing down, rather that President Vladimir Putin is prepared to be patient in pursuit of his ultimate objective. That aim, his own reflections and those of people close to his way of thinking seem to indicate, is one day to re-unite Russian speaking peoples, including those living within the borders of Ukraine, within one common home. As a skilled tactician, Putin knows that to push too fast to achieve this ambition could be damaging for Russia - as demonstrated by the Western threat of tough sanctions and Europe's rush to wean itself off Russian gas supplies. Signing the four-way agreement on Ukraine in Geneva last week, and thereby showing the West that it was willing to compromise, made tactical sense for Russia.

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  • Why New York City Needs the Knicks
    The documentary ?When the Garden Was Eden,? premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, focuses on the ?70s New York Knicks, and how the basketball team served as a refuge for a city plagued by crime.
  • Michael Bloomberg's 12 years at the helm of New York city come to an end
    But what has the erstwhile mayor wrought? Supporters praise his works but critics say the less affluent have missed out Over the course of three elections and 12 years, Michael Bloomberg spent more than $260m (£160m) of his own money on first winning, and then holding tightly on to, New York city's mayoralty. On New Year's Day though, his three terms in office end ? and he is handing power over ...


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